To Experience is to Learn

With Action Market, we believe to have created a risk-free environment where to experience is to learn! Learning should be fun and rewarding, so we are taking our passion for sport and have matched it to the high-paced, adrenaline-fuelled world of trading to create the ultimate gaming experience with a true simulation in every respect.

For the first time, fans of the world’s top sporting events can share their anticipation of the match score
using the simulation of a financial market and compete. It’s "The Game in the Game".

Second-screening has a big role to play in sports
and Action Market is here to disrupt this.

We aim at building the most engaged community of sports fans in the world and we use technology to support this new level of engagement in social gaming.

Our gamers can connect with other fans,
chat with friends and feel the adrenaline of a big game.

By sharing the anticipation of the future match score in real-time and by winning points, the competition
for the top leaderboard spot is ON.

Mobile phone with Action Market Mobile App playing

While we will continuously simplify and gamify the engagement, there is no better challenge, come play with us!