What is Action Market?

Action Market is a mobile application for fun play with points only.

Gamers trade for futures & options against a index based on the score of their favorite sport entertainment, live.

While fans are not able to gather in stadium, Action Market offers an engaging real-time experience for sports fans, combining the exhilaration of risk-free finance trading, with the excitement of a live sports event shared with friends.

What can Action Market offer your brand?

Action Market offers an innovative live social gaming channel for your brand.

Aimed at both sports fans, trading enthusiasts and professional finance traders, it can be easily be integrated in your marketing strategy to effectively engage both new and existing customers, as well as staff members and affiliates over a season of repeated live sport events.


Combining fans' love of sport, with the competitive nature of futures and options trading (CFD's), Action Market is an innovative and creative way for customers to engage with your brand.


Since only fun points are used while playing Action Market, the customer experience is a positive, entertaining and risk-free.


Your customers are engaged on the basis of their trading and sports knowledge at any level, and compete with other gamers on a real-time leader-board. Action Market is straightforward to grasp, but challenging to master.

Cost effective

Action Market costs a fraction of usual sports sponsorship, and is a highly effective brand building and customer engagement platform.

Watch our video

Watch our simple video explaining how Action Market works, and the principle of virtual trading against a score-based index.

Create Connected Experiences for your Customers

Live sports games represent for many the most authentic media experience of all: excellent audio-visuals, an unpredictable outcome, engaging commentary, and top athletes competing against each other.

It's no wonder sports watching plays such an important role in many peoples' lives, even when kept outside the stadium.

Action Market augments the sports-watching experience, offering a risk-free, hyper social, and competitive, 2nd-screen experience.

Action Market gamers can trade instantaneously with other fans, engage directly with friends, and feel the adrenaline of a big game by sharing the anticipation of the future match score in real-time. It's fun, based exclusively on points as no money is involved.

Authentic trading experience

The Action Market interface closely resembles real-world trading platforms for futures and options, optimised for quick and hassle-free trading, profit-taking etc.

Risk-Free competing

Action Market participants can trade with other gamers world-wide, offering a large trading pool and a liquid futures market without any risk: it's a game played for kudos with points only.

Pre-game trading for customer engagement

Gamers can trade with other games up to two days before the start of the game, helping establish anticipation and build-up, providing your brand .multiple opportunities for your brand to engage with your customers.

Smart notifications

Keep your customers engaged before, during and after matches with smart notifications, and advise them of up-and-coming games, where pre-game trading encourages engagement even before the game has started.

Multiple sports

US Football, Rugby, Baseball, Cricket, Hockey, Basket-ball, Sumo...

In-app chatting for a wealth of golden interactions

Real-time leader-board

Both inter-game and lifetime leader-boards keep gamers engaged and coming back.

In-app advertising and branding

This is your own channel, so augment it with advertising and marketing of your choice.

Online analytics

For enriched customer engagement strategies.

Our team

Laurent Bodard

CEO and founder of Action Market

Olivier Godin

CGO and founder of Action Market

Steven Ellis

CIO and founder of Action Market

How integration works

Utilising Action Market for your brand, product or service, is a simple process:

1. Choose your desired sport

We have proven experience over US Football, Rugby and can work with you on many others underlying sport events.

2. Choose your desired package

Choose from one of our flexible plans.

3. Integrate with Action Market

Based on your choice of package, integrate your brand, product, service or existing app with Action Market.

4. Engage your customers, stakeholders, partners or employees

Enjoy sustained and meaningful engagements with your target market over the sporting season.

Flexible Plans

We offer multiple ways for integrating your brand, product, service or existing app with Action Market.

Action Market Basic

  • Receive complimentary tokens to the existing Action Market application.
  • No branding or integration required.
  • Share these complimentary tokens with your customers, partners or employees.

Action Market Custom

  • Receive your own branded application in The App Store and Play Store.
  • Receive your own online administration dashboard to monitor app usage and engagement.

Action Market API

  • Integrate with Action Market's trading engine and platform via its API.
  • Manage and develop the trading user-interface yourself.
  • Ideal if you want to integrate Action Market directly into your existing mobile or web app.


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