Action Market is a live trading experience for fans of the world’s top sports events.
Share your anticipation of the match score, before and during the game.
Challenge your friends, play with points and trade the live score of a match to make it to the top of the leaderboard.

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It's the Game in the Game


Play the market and anticipate the score

Action Market takes watching sports to the next level. In a live simulation of financial markets, gamers play the future match score in an adrenalin-packed environment.

The most authentic and exciting experience in social gaming

Action Market opens three days before a match starts and all trades are live, before and during the game. Buy and sell at any point, change your mind as many times as you want and take advantage of match tactics.
Don’t just watch the game – trade on it!

Pick your sport or play them all

On Action Market, there’s a match for every sports fan. We feature multiple live game sessions across a range of major sports from rugby to US football, cricket to sumo, baseball and more.

Connect with friends and share the rush

Who doesn’t love winning? Create your own private league and invite buddies, chat, share and play to be the top gamer when the final whistle is blown.

Get in the game

To level the playing field, we have created an index for every match! Before the game starts it's "0 - 0", on the field or "100" in Action Market Place.

Compete risk-free with points

Start with 1,000 points and put your skills to the test, risk-free. Get additional gaming points for access to the order book or to add treasury points if you’ve had a tough run.

Smart Notifications

Action Market notifies you in advance of scheduled matches, so you can start building your gaming strategy right away. Get informed of your live leaderboard position against every action on the field.

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